25 July

One day only opportunity

Mr Kruger, an acclaimed gold bullion and numismatic specialist and made-to-order jewellery manufacturing business will be in Durban on Sunday 31 July for the Coin & Medal Fair at Gateway.

Mr Kruger, one of SA’s top bullion-service companies, will only be in Durban for one-day and will be offering gold-loving Durbanites the option of really exploring what gold bullion has to offer, including Joburg-based evaluations (on collectables, jewellery, bullion and more), buying and selling of bullion and advice on design and manufacturing of unique jewellery pieces.

The Mr Kruger team will be joined by the popular actress, Shaleen Surtie-Richards. Earlier this year, Surtie-Richards (a huge Mr Kruger fan) had a range of beautiful gold jewellery designed and manufactured by the Mr Kruger team (free of charge), after she had some very sentimental and valuable pieces stolen in a mugging. Surtie-Richards will be exclusively available at Mr Kruger’s stand during the Fair and will be chatting to fans, showing off her jewellery and signing autographs.

At the Fair, gold enthusiasts, collectors and customers will be able to explore and purchase Mr Kruger’s range of numismatics (coins and medals) as well as have their own precious pieces valued and bought (if the pieces are for sale that is). Mr Kruger will also be selling and buying assorted sizes of Krugerrands, an excellent investment in gold bullion.

For those Durbanites interested in recycling their unused gold jewellery into personally designed, one-of-a-kind pieces, Mr Kruger will be giving free manufacturing quotes to those who bring in their own designs while their design team can also create designs for those unsure of how to visualise what they want. And to top it off, the most beautiful customer design will win the manufacturing of their piece for *FREE. The competition will be **judged by Surtie-Richards and Arno Egen, owner of Mr Kruger.

The Mr Kruger team will also be giving obligation-free evaluations on gold jewellery and other gold pieces that Fair visitors will not only be able to sell there and then, they’ll also be able to exchange their gold for the equivalent value in bullion (Krugerrands). Visitors who bring in their gold jewellery to sell or recycle will be entered into a lucky draw where they can win a 10th Krugerrand to the estimated value of R2000.00 (estimate is affected by daily gold index).

Mr Kruger is a Gauteng based company with an excellent reputation as a credible and reliable bullion expert. Says business owner and bullion expert Arno Egen: “We pride ourselves on our excellent service. Our reputation is everything to us and we are really looking forward to bringing our experience and know-how in collectable coins, war memorabilia, gold and silver bullion to Durban.”

*Materials needed for design not included in the prize, customer must either supply these or can purchase them from Mr Kruger
**Judges’ decision is final.