Numismatics, collectables, coins

Are your old family war medals and collectable coins worth something? Here at Mr Kruger, we offer a numismatic assessment and exchange service for collectors.

Numismatics, collectables, coins

What are numismatics?

The word, ‘numismatics’ means ‘relating to coins or medals’. The term refers to anything that was once used as currency, having its root in the Greek word ‘nomisma’ meaning ‘current coin’.

Today, the value of a numismatic is not defined by the worth of the coin as indicated by the face value, but by the scarcity of the collector’s item and the market demand for that particular coin.

Mr Kruger is a trusted authority in numismatic collectables in South Africa and can assist you with the purchase and sale of your coins, collectables and medals.

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A true numismatic or a collectable coin?

A numismatic, by its technical definition, is an old coin that has gained value over time by its rarity and scarcity. An example of a true numismatic would be the 1931 tickey – only 128 coins were minted at the height of the Great Depression when money was not really needed, making them a rare and extremely valuable addition to any numismatists collection.

In comparison, collector’s coins are minted brand new as commemorative pieces from an old press and are released into the market at a premium price. Since so few are minted, the desirability for the sought after coin drives the value up in the marketplace, thus directing the price of the collector’s item. Mr Kruger has access to all the commemorative ranges available, like the 50th Anniversary Krugerrand Collection.

How do I know what my collection is worth?

Do you have an existing collection that you have grown over the years and are now wondering what it may be worth? Or perhaps you have some old coins that you inherited and are no longer interested in? Perhaps you are just clearing out to make more room. Our experienced team will evaluate your coins and numismatics free of charge and describe your valuable coins’ history, giving you an accurate estimation of their worth.

Mr Kruger can also advise you on how to get started in numismatics, what to look for and what to avoid. If you’re already an experienced collector and are looking for a specific piece, our knowledgeable staff will keep an eye out for it and let you know once the stock becomes available.