What are Krugerrands?

Krugerrands are the most recognisable and widely traded Gold Bullion coins in the world. They were first minted in 1967 of one troy ounce of fine Gold with the objective of putting Gold Bullion into the hands of the man on the street. Krugerrands became the first ounce-denominated Gold coins to a carry legal tender status. They are the world’s oldest modern Gold Bullion coins. They are made up of eleven parts of fine Gold and one-part Bronze, giving them a lustrous coppery tone. Paul Kruger is on the face of the coins, and the South African Springbok is shown on the reverse side of the coins.

Why should you invest in Krugerrands?

Our consumer and investor services portfolio is based on empowering people to realise the value (and growth potential) inherent in Gold. The fear of crime and an aversion to conspicuous consumption, means that people are looking for better ways to invest, without attracting attention to themselves. Gold’s enduring allure, value and physical properties make it the ideal commodity on which to build a sound investment. Our offering includes the purchasing and selling of Krugerrands and a secure storage service.

Why are Krugerrands unique?

Containing one ounce of fine Gold, the Krugerrand was the first ounce denominated Bullion coin in the world.

With more than 60 Million ounces in circulation, the coin is well known and well treasured.

Krugerrands pioneer enduring value for the decerning investor.

They offer stability and peace of mind in an uncertain and unpredicted world.

Krugerrand Price


Mr Kruger would always purchase the Krugerrands you need to sell from you at the prevailing commodity prices. Please visit our pricing page for our current buying prices. Simply take your Krugerrands to your nearest Mr Kruger store and we will purchase your Krugerrands from you in a transparent and professional manner. With more than 60 million ounces in circulation, Krugerrands are extremely popular and most other Gold Bullion dealers would also purchase your Krugerrands from you when you need to sell them. A list of reputable dealers registered with the Mint of South Africa and Rand Refinery can be found at

To calculate the current value of a Krugerrand, you need to calculate the prevailing local spot price of Gold. The Gold spot price per ounce = The price of gold in US Dollar multiplied by the Rand / US Dollar Exchange Rate.

Eg: Gold Price x R/$ Excange Rate = Local Spot Price per ounce
$1740,00 x 18,40 = R32016 per ounce

In this example the value of a 1 ounce Krugerrand is R32016 and the value this coin could be sold for.

You can store your Krugerrands in three ways.
1. In a secure place at your home or office. It is not advisable to store Krugerrands in a home safe or in an obvious location.
2. Safety deposit box obtained from a commercial bank or other service provider.
3. Free safe custody offered by Mr Kruger.

South African residents are not allowed to export Krugerrands without the approval of the South African Reserve Bank. Foreign tourists or visitors are allowed to export fifteen 1 ounce Krugerrands per visit to South Africa provided the coins are purchased with foreign currency.