We buy gold for recycling

Do you know the value of the jewellery you may have packed away, the pieces that you no longer wear? Those mismatched earrings or that broken necklace?

We buy gold for recycling

Why are you keeping the jewellery you never wear?

Unworn pieces of jewellery have no fashion value while they lie abandoned in your drawer. And if your jewellery is it’s broken, or not to your taste, it has no sentimental value either. What it does have is monetary value. It might be time to sell.

Trading jewellery in for cash opens up so many new possibilities. Like a special holiday, a flat screen TV, the new mountain bike you’ve always wanted, or even practical investments like school or university fees. Or, of course, a new piece of jewellery.  Exchanging your unworn jewellery for cash frees you up to start afresh.

How do you exchange those unwanted pieces for cash?

Mr Kruger would love to buy the precious jewellery you no longer like or wear, especially if it’s gold. In fact, we are always on the look-out for unwanted gold that we can recycle.

Here at Mr Kruger, we offer a free evaluation on any items. We will assess the pieces and then, if you would like to sell them, we can assist you immediately. Exchange your gold for cash at either of our Pretoria based branches and walk away the richer for it.

How does it work?

Our transactions are transparent and professional. Within the comfort and privacy of our elegant premises, our scales are calibrated daily and your jewellery is weighed in front of you. Our strict code of ethics, a precedent for our company, ensures our clients are completely satisfied with the process and the result.

When you bring in your jewellery you can trust you’ll leave with that day’s absolute and correct value of the items. We have no additional transaction costs or hidden fees either.

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