14 June

mr kruger fathers day

Four Father’s Day Gifts you Haven’t Thought of Yet

Dads are a special breed, and there’s nothing like being a father that brings out a strong man’s softer side. Spoil your dad this Father’s Day with something other than soap-on-a-rope or stripy socks – gift an investment that will grow in value over the years. Keep reading for four Father’s Day gifts that you probably haven’t thought of yet.




Show your dad that he holds eternal value for you this Father’s Day by choosing to invest in him with the eternal gift of Gold. Krugerrands come in different denominations as small as one-tenth of an ounce, so you can choose the option which best suits your budget. Krugerrands are a great gift of investment; they have shown to double in value every five years.


Buy Some Bullion


Has your dad always been a pillar of strength, a rock that you can rely on? Consider Silver Bullion as an option to honour how precious he is in your life. Silver is an increasingly popular investment and is growing in value all the time because of its usefulness in the commercial industry. Silver Bullion is available in Bullion coins or in Bullion bars – just make sure you go through a reputable supplier like Mr Kruger.


Custom Chains


When you think of dad, you may not think of jewellery, but a chain around his neck will keep you close to his heart and in his thoughts all the time. Customised jewellery allows you to pick the right metal, the right colour and the right style for your dad, and you can rest assured that you will be giving him a unique piece that will last for years to come.


Upcycle Something


Take custom jewellery a step further and refashion a piece of old jewellery. Most households will have a couple of hundred grams of Gold lying around in a draw or jewellery box. Take something out-of-fashion and unworn and get it melted down and re-imagined into a new trendy and stylish piece that will give him years more wear. Recycling your old Gold, Silver or Platinum allows you to bring new life to your old jewellery and create something truly special for your dad this Father’s Day.


Gift your dad with an investment this Father’s Day. Choose something that lasts the test of time, just like his love for you will.