Design an engagement ring in 6 simple steps

What’s the hallmark of a traditional engagement? The ring, of course! Whether you’re designing a surprise engagement ring, or working with your partner to create the ring of their dreams, Mr Kruger has everything you need to make it happen. From picking the diamond to profiling the Precious Metal, we’ll help you every step of the way. (Ready to design an engagement ring? Enquire about our services in this area.)

How to design an engagement ring:

1. Set your budget

Before you get going with your engagement ring design, take a moment to think about your budget. Having a defined budget will not only prevent you from overspending, but will help you speed up the design process too. This way, more money and time can be allocated to other things – like the location of the engagement, for example. At The Bullion Store, we offer a professional jewellery design service, and can help you create your dream piece while keeping to your budget.

2. Select your stone

Once you’ve set your budget, it’s time to select your stone. As the saying goes, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ Traditionally, diamonds are chosen for engagement rings, but there are plenty of precious stones you can consider. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and even pearls are all lovely alternatives, and your partner might even prefer them! Regardless of which way you’re leaning, if your betrothed has a particular taste, we suggest you consult with them before making a decision. At The Bullion Store, we supply both diamonds and precious gems – click here to read our expert guide on choosing the perfect diamond.

3. Choose a cut

The cut of the stone is next on the agenda. If you prefer a traditional ring style for your loved one, you may wish to opt for the round, cushion, princess, oval, emerald, pear, radiant, Asscher, marquise, or heart cut. Whichever cut you select, just be sure to stick to your budget!

4. Decide on a setting

What would an engagement ring be without the perfect setting? From halo, cathedral and princess to tiffany, bezel and bar – the options seem endless. (Not to mention overwhelming!) If you want to design an engagement ring but are feeling a bit uncertain, pop in at the The Bullion Store and we’ll gladly assist you in choosing a setting.

5. Select your Precious Metal

Engagement rings are typically Gold, White Gold, Silver, or Platinum. But other metals like Titanium, Rose Gold, Palladium can work nicely too. Explore The Bullion Store online for Precious Metal inspiration, or visit a store to chat to us about our jewellery offering. (Find a store location near you.)

6. Get your ring cast

After choosing your stone cut, setting, and metal, it’s time for the ring casting. If you get your ring designed at The Bullion Store, we will take the wheel at this point. First, we cast the ring to perfectly fit your loved one’s ring finger, in the desired shape that you request. We then clean the ring so the metal is gleaming and gorgeous, and follow this up with the stone setting. If you would like the ring to be engraved or embellished with micropavé, we do these final touches at the end of the process, before finishing off with a thorough polishing. And voila! The ring is complete and you’re ready to get down on one knee.

Design an engagement ring with The Bullion Store

If your special someone has become the love of your life, why not pop the question? We can help you design an engagement ring that is uniquely hand-crafted to suit your loved one’s style as well as your budget. Contact The Bullion Store for more information.