About Mr Kruger

The Nature of the Everything Gold

South Africa has a long association with Gold – much of our country’s early prosperity was founded on this Precious Metal, and it has been estimated that some 40% of all the Gold ever mined was extracted from the Witwatersrand Basin. Johannesburg is a city that is quite literally built on Gold.

Mr Kruger is a successful Gold Exchange Business, founded in 2014. The performance of the first Mr Kruger-branded outlets has clearly demonstrated that in the prevailing market conditions, there is a real need for the services we offer.

As a Gold Exchange, Mr Kruger trades in Gold Bullion (in the form of Krugerrands), recycled Gold, recycled Platinum, recycled Silver, and jewellery manufacturing, with both retail and wholesale clients.

Integrity and confidentiality

Any transaction with Mr Kruger is guaranteed full confidentiality. We adhere to a strict code of ethics in all our business transactions and have a proud reputation for being reliable, extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. Mr Kruger is a member of the South African Association Of Numismatic Dealers (SAAND) and the Jewellery Council of SA.

pure and precious metals

Gold class experience

At Mr Kruger, every customer receives VIP treatment. You can expect to be warmly welcomed before being ushered into our elegant customer lounge and offered refreshments. You will then enjoy a private meeting with a friendly Mr Kruger consultant.