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The Legacy of the Krugerrand

Krugerrands, the most successful Gold Bullion coins in the world. For more than 50 years, the Krugerrand pioneered enduring value for the discerning investor. Designed timelessly, made durably and traded reliably, the Krugerrand is an investment that you can trust.

Mr Kruger

Mr Kruger is a successful Gold Exchange Business, founded in 2014. The performance of the first Mr Kruger-branded outlets has clearly demonstrated that in the prevailing market conditions, there is a real need for the services we offer.

As a Gold Exchange, Mr Kruger trades in Gold Bullion (in the form of Krugerrands), recycled Gold, recycled Platinum, recycled Silver, and jewellery manufacturing and refashioning, with both retail and wholesale clients.

Every transaction we enter into is determined by the current price per ounce of Gold and other Precious Metals, bringing a transparency to the business and offering our customers a refreshing certainty.


Our consumer and investor services portfolio is based on empowering people to realise the value (and growth potential) inherent in Gold. The fear of crime and an aversion to conspicuous consumption, means that people are looking for better ways to invest, without attracting attention to themselves. Gold’s enduring allure, value and physical properties make it the ideal commodity on which to build a sound investment. Our offering includes the purchasing and selling of Krugerrands and a secure storage service.


As a Gold exchange business, Mr Kruger trades in recycled Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in the form of Bullion or pre-owned Jewellery. We also offer a Jewellery Manufacturing service to both retail and wholesale clients. We enable people to translate faded sentimental value into cash by purchasing pre-owned Jewellery and other items. We can then either remodel this into newer, unique and more on-trend designs, or recycle it.

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